Design capability

Fibre Tec's design team is the most experienced in the specialty partition industry.  Every conceivable packaging challenge has been met and conquered by their many years of experience.  After an initial meeting to fully understand the nature of the job, our team will quickly develop a strategy to expedite your project, create a sample if necessary, and give you a firm delivery date.    

Fibre Tec experts will give you a detailed account of: 

  • Which materials are best suited for your project 
  • The length of the production process
  • The best price offered the first time
  • A definitive delivery date

Locking styles


Fibre Tec features a diversity of locking styles to insure that your partitions function as required: 

Y-Entry, Friction Lock, and Top and Bottom Locking Tabs - these locks, and other custom designs were developed to meet the special needs of your products and equipment. 

Dual height partitions and thumb notches - used to create ease of product removal for your customer.

Floating partitions - can be designed when sensitive components must be suspended to prevent damage.